flax seeds
flax seeds

Flax Seeds 100gm


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Flax seeds are enriched with omega-3 fatty acid; Each tablespoon of flax seeds contain 1; 8 Grams of omega 3 fatty acid and hence, they are excellent for heart health,Flax seeds can be digested as they are; Flax seeds are really light; This is why, they are considered healthy snacks which help in boosting metabolism, The seeds are low on carbohydrates and fats; They contain a premium quantity of dietary fibers- both soluble and insoluble fiber, Flax seeds are high on minerals and proteins; One tablespoon of flax seeds provides 2 grams of protein; Richness in potassium and magnesium makes flax nutrient- dense food, Antioxidants are loaded in flax seeds; Thick amount of flavonoids and anti-oxidants protect heart and veins from unnecessary cholesterol and excessive blood pressure.