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6. Chicken Carcass
6. Chicken Carcass

Chicken Carcass


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  • Broiler chicken are grown in partnership with Emirates Modern Poultry Company which are cage free, fed natural feed and free of hormones. Meat is Halal certified.
  • Some batches of broilers are also grown at the farm as backyard broiler chicken. Broilers are fed with green organic feed from our farm and concentrate feed from Fujairah Feed Factory. Feed concentrates are tested NON GMO grains and hormones.The meat is tested by laboratory for aerobic plate count and salmonella. Birds are hand slaughtered observing Halal practices at the farm.
  • Antibiotics are not used as growth promoters and as preventive measure. In case of any epidemic, antibiotics are administered as prescribed by veterinarian for a specific period only for treatment. Treated birds are not used for meat purpose and a safe withdrawal period is strictly followed before culling.
  • Test reports can be referred on the home page in Organic Certificate Section