FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How do I place an order?
    You can place your order online by visiting our website www.deenafarms.com and we will confirm with you shortly.
  2. How can I change my order?
    You can change your order by calling us on 042891229 or 0522791578 and speaking to one of our team in the Deena office.
  3. How many days in advance can I order?
    You can order any day you want. Delivery times are 9 am – 5 pm. The day of delivery will be confirmed when your order is placed.
  4. What are the delivery days?
    Delivery days are different for different locations, please check your location DELIVERY DAYS
  5. Is there any minimum order price for the Home Delivery?
    Yes, the minimum required amount of Home Delivery is 100/- AED.
  6. Are all products listed on website are organic?
    Yes, all food items on the website are organic and sources from trusted partner farms & business.
  7. Can I cancel my order on the delivery day?
    Yes, you can cancel your order on the delivery day just call us on 0522791578 or 042891229.
  8. Can I visit the farm?

The farm visit is not allowed since it is a private property.

  1. Are your chicken and meat organic?

Free Range Eggs: Our layers are a local and a mix of Egyptian breed. They are raised as a free-range bird

Organic Eggs: We source certified organic eggs locally. When local eggs are not available , we import them to ensure constant supply of eggs to customers.  BUY NOW

Kindly see all our certification and lab test reports CLICK HERE

For any further inquiries please call or email us and a member of the Deena Team will get in touch.

PS: Total Order Value is indicative. Final cost may vary depending on the exact weight of harvested products. Customers are requested to pay as per the tax invoice on delivery