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Our Farm

Deena Organic Farm began as a traditional family farm, fulfilling the family’s vision of growing fresh organic food, close to home. Today, we are proud to share this locally grown organic produce with families around the region. Since it is a family farm and non-commercial in nature , we have developed a trading business model, very uniquely fitting to local needs of Dubai and neighboring Emirates.

Our Farm company (White Grass General Trading) had partnership with many reputed organic farms in the region to offer a wide range of fruits, vegetables,dates,groceries and health products moreover, our poultry is grown, processed and packed at the Emirates Modern Poultry Farms.

Organic Farming

Certified UAE organic by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Meteorology (ESMA), Deena Organic Farm uses sustainable methods to grow fresh produce each season. We use seeds that are certified organic and carefully sourced from farms in the USA and Europe. Our crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We use compost and manure to enhance our soil health and neem extract, insect traps and barriers as the first line of defense against pests. We remain mindful of climatic changes and soil quality while planning our crops each season. That is why our soil is left to its natural course for regeneration..

Heirloom and Non – GMO seeds

Heirloom Seeds are seeds preserved from the parent open pollinated crop. As a result, they produce plants that inherit the natural qualities of the parent plant and therefore a distinct blend of flavors and traits. At Deena Organic Farm we use non-GMO seeds; these seeds have a DNA that is not genetically altered. This allows them to grow into healthy plants that produce fresh, tasty and nutritious crops.

Ethical Farming Methods

Deena Organic Farm takes a holistic approach to farming. Creating an environment of positive energy is essential to how we function at the farm. Our animals are not caged. In fact, they are allowed to live naturally in a carefree setting. We do not allow any vehicles on the farm, so it isn’t an unusual sight to find turtles slowly trudging across on one end and chickens on another.